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Our customers love their SmallieStix rods and we know you will too.

This is by far the nicest rod that I now own! Jim is a professional in his rod making skills and his recommendations he gives are 5 stars. I was extremely impressed with his desire to offer exactly what I was looking for. Just putting it out there to all my kayak fishing yourself a favor and give Jim Dutt a call and order one of these stixs.
— Jim Marthouse
I am extremely excited about the 2015 season and being a proud owner of one of these rods. Jim Dutt is extremely customer oriented and an avid supporter of the kayak community. Give Smallie Stix a like and give him the chance to build your next custom rod!!
— Blace Hutchens
Jim made me a Kayak Fish PA edition smallie stix and this rod fishes great! The micro guides make for long casts and the quality blank help you feel the fish breathing on the bait! LOL! The quality construction thought is what really caught my eye. It’s evident that Jim takes pride in every rod he builds. If you looking for a great custom rod, get a Smallie Stix!
— Juan Veruete
I recently picked up a Smallie Stix and have had the pleasure of fishing with it now for about seven hours out of three days (eight fish caught). This seven foot medium light Slayer HM is a dream on the water. The sensitivity and light nature of the rod opened up a new world to me, I can tell the difference between a rock, tree, grass, and fish. In my time using it, I’ve noticed about a ten percent increase in casting distance due to the microwave guides and I’ve also noticed that this is now my favorite rod. 
The entire experience with this rod has been fantastic. The excellent customer service from Jim and the wonderful product he provides is second to none. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one his amazing creations.
— Josh Sifuentes
Thank you Jim for the fishing rod you donated to the New River Classic tournament. I had great time fishing with you and the rod is absolutely amazing! I will enjoy it very very much.
— Coy Lehman
I won a smallie stix rod in the yak attack kayak fishing tournament and am very impressed! It is one of the lightest and most sensitive casting rods I have ever used. I would highly recommend a smallie stix rod to anyone who wants to get an incredible rod!
— Max Moran