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A SmallieStix with the colors of the Jamaican flag.

A SmallieStix with the colors of the Jamaican flag.

     I am an avid kayak angler who generally targets Smallmouth Bass in the rivers of eastern and central Pennsylvania.  When in Florida, I target largemouth bass and saltwater species from my kayak or surf fish.   I decided to begin making my own rods so that I could fish from my kayak with a rod that utilized a high quality blank and was built to my specifications.  I am short in height, and I found it difficult to find rods seven feet and greater in length that had short handles.  Traditional rod manufacturers make the longer rods with long handles. I could not find a way to comfortably position the rod without the butt of the rod digging into my side which caused me to hold the rod further away from my body resulting in quickly fatiguing my arms. By building rods using shorter handles, and properly counter-balancing the rod I was able to solve this problem.  As I became more proficient at building rods, I decided to start my own business and offer quality rods to fellow kayak and all fresh water /salt water anglers.  The name SmallieStix just seemed to fit, however, I have caught all types of fish on my SmallieStix including Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Perch, Crappie, Blue Gill, Shad, Catfish, Pompano, Lady Fish and Reds.

    My philosophy is to build a quality rod and offer it at a superior value.  A SmallieStix compares favorably to top shelf rods that sell for, on average, $200 more in retail stores.  I offer a basic SmallieStix rod at a price range from $140 to $300.  I can also customize a rod for you that varies from the basic design.  Add-ons can include: rod skins in multiple colors and designs; metallic winding checks, aluminum handle pieces in various colors, variations on type of reel seat and handle, and many other items.  Email me with your design questions at and I will respond quickly to open the path to putting a SmallieStix in your hands.

Happy Fishing and Tight Lines,

Jim Dutt